Sunday, July 27, 2008

Introduction to the Ego Boost

Hello world!

Welcome to Ego Boost Reviews. I'm going to tell you a little bit about what this whole thing is.

I love entertainment. All forms. Movies, books, music, television, video games, theater, puppet theater, and crazy guys on street corners. I love it all. I also love writing. People have always told me that I should write movie reviews or something of the sort... only my problem was always that I knew I couldn't do it because I wasn't capable of being critical enough. I'm not a critic. I'm a fan. But I still loved the idea of writing about the things I was a fan of.

Hence the Ego Boost was born. I'm still going to review movies I see, and books I read and television shows I've watched (old and new for all forms of media). I'm going to give my honest opinion and back it all up with reasons why I like any given thing. Of course, the time will come when I will give (gasp!) a bad review. That'll happen. But I have a feeling I'll find a way to spin those so that they'll still give a bit of an ego boost as well.

Therefore, let the Ego Boosting begin!

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